AI for Changemakers

Custom Generative AI for Mission-Driven Organizations

“Change Agent is for visionaries dedicated to making the world a better place. With Change Agent, your organization has the power of generative AI trained to mimic your brand, speak to your audiences, and advance your mission.”

Craig Johnson
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

The Custom AI Difference

If you want generic outputs, use generic AI; if your work requires content that inspires, you need custom generative AI. Change Agent’s base model is specifically trained to engage people around causes and motivate them to action. We then finetune Change Agent with your organization’s content to create a “Custom GPT” that matches your brand and draws on your knowledge base.

Tyler McFadden Headshot

"Language models reproduce the biases of the internet. We constantly train Change Agent to be inclusive of historically underrepresented voices and combat the constant harm perpetuated against marginalized communities by other AI tools. Our commitment to equitable AI ensures that your outputs will authentically connect with diverse audiences."

Tyler McFadden
Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

Access the Power of Gen AI On Your Terms

Ensure the Security & Privacy of Your Organizational Data

Change Agent believes client data belongs exclusively to clients. The model is installed on client servers so that you always control who can access your data and how it is used.

Craft Prompt Templates to Unlock Gen AI's Potential

Prompting is the skill that enables organizations to realize the benefits of AI. Custom templates make generating perfectly formatted on-brand content as easy as filling in the blanks. 

Implement Seamlessly With Expert Training & Support

Change Agent supports leadership, partners with IT, and trains staff to ensure a smooth transition as your organization adopts this transformational technology. Change Agent will be both your implementation partner and provide ongoing support.

Boost Engagement With Public-Facing Applications

Change Agent makes it easy to create public-facing applications that leverage your data to deliver value to your community. From chatbots to check benefit eligibility to interfaces that connect community members to trainings that meet their needs, the possibilities are endless.

Frequently asked questions

What can my organization use Change Agent for?Our clients use Change Agent to:
• Draft content in a wide variety of formats including fundraising materials, social media posts, organizing toolkits, issue explainers, training materials, website content, op-eds, press releases, media advisories, and more.  
• Translate content into 100+ languages
• Generate data insights and visualizations
• Summarize content from articles and PDFs
We are constantly adding features so please schedule a demo to learn more about our roadmap.

Which teams at my organization would benefit from using Change Agent?Change Agent can be utilized by a  wide range of teams. Here are some examples:
• Development – generate fundraising appeals, thank you letters, and content for grant applications 
• Communications – generate press materials, social media posts, web content
• Program – research topics, summarize documents, draft organizing toolkits, and translate materials into 100+ languages 
• Data and Technology – Analyze data and generate visualizations
• Human Resources – draft onboarding materials, company policies, and internal communications

Why should I use Change Agent instead of a commercial AI Chatbot such as ChatGPT, Claude, or Gemini?None of those tools offers the control or customization that Change Agent does. With Change Agent, you have total control over your data, who accesses that data, and how that data is leveraged. 

The customization commercial AI offers is akin to changing the clothes of a language model whereas Change Agent customizes at the DNA level. Rather than relying on Character Sheets and prompting to match your voice, we train our language model to embody your brand and mimic its voice in all of its outputs. 
Also, Change Agent is not just about providing smart robots; we work with your people, too. From implementation and training through to customer support and bespoke projects, Change Agent's team will be there to ensure your organization gets maximum value from your AI efforts.

How does Change Agent address the ethical implications of AI?Change Agent is by and for people dedicated to making the world a better place. We are deeply committed to ensuring that our tools are used to better humanity and to do our part to eliminate potential harm whenever possible. 

We commit to setting the highest standard of ethics as a company and—given Artificial Intelligence’s rapid pace of change—to maintain those standards by actively engaging our stakeholders on ethical issues and maintaining the transparency necessary to be held accountable when necessary.

Please contact us for our full Ethics Statement.

Can I use Change Agent as the underlying LLM for my AI-powered product?Yes! Please contact us for technical details including API specs and for more information about how we can customize Change Agent for your needs.

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