The GPT for 
Causes & Campaigns

Generate organizing toolkits grant proposals press releases fundraising emails phone scripts social posts for Changemakers.

Change Agent's Capabilities

Draft mission-driven content

Generate content in almost any format from the LLM trained to center people and causes in progressive-minded language

Save time with templates

Utilize templates designed for mission-driven development, communications, organizing, and operations teams

Leverage your knowledge-base

Upload your documents and webpages as context to match outputs to your style and substance

Generate code & visualize data

Generate code, securely analyze data, and produce data visualizations to make sense of your vital information

Translate into 20+ Languages

Communicate with supporters and community members in Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and more (coming soon)

Draw on Wikipedia

Access Wikipedia’s vast knowledge base for additional current information and to minimize hallucination (coming soon)

Why Change Agent?

Language Model Designed

For Impact

  • Trained to inflame passion and inspire change
  • Continuously decolonized
Powerful Features for
Mission-Driven Teams
  • Development
  • Organizing
  • Communications
  • Operations
Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Benchmarks comparably to ChatGPT/Claude
  • API Available
  • Connected to the internet
Private & Secure
  • Superior data privacy: your data is never sent to big AI, and your chat history is never used for training
  • Installation on client servers available

Read recent case studies


DemCast is a leader in creating and distributing
"pro-Blue" social media content. Learn why Director of Partnerships Jamie Carter decided to choose
Change Agent over Claude for generating her social toolkits.

Center for Common Ground

The Center for Common Ground educates and empowers voters of color in voter suppression states. Learn how Executive Director Andrea Miller produced language for her peer-to-peer fundraiser in under thirty seconds.

Anti-Violence, Safety & Accountability Project

The Anti-Violence, Safety & Accountability Project organizes to abolish involuntary servitude.Learn how co-founder Jamilia Land generated a webinar script on the moral case against involuntary servitude almost verbatim with Change Agent.




Introductory price:

Features you'll love:

  • Content generation
  • Standard templates
  • Secure document upload
  • Code Generation



Introductory price:

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Data visualization
  • Long context model
  • Support for 20+ languages
  • Draw on Wikipedia
  • Citations (coming soon)



Introductory price:

Everything in Teams, plus:

  • Shared knowledge base
  • Custom templates
  • Custom personas
  • Image generation
  • Priority customer support




Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Dedicated server
  • Custom trained model
    [Your Org]GPT
  • Full implementation & training package
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Priority customer support

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